- Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Tuesday in Goa? Pump it up at Shiva Valley

Tightly holding the back support of our avenger and trying to catch the wind in my now much short hair, I was praying for not another skid. My friend Ana (read bond girl) was riding past the trees, traffic, houses. We were being followed by two more friends, who, tired of our speed, rode past us. Idiots !

It was a Tuesday, sometime in January '11, 11:30 pm, Goa. Now what do you do in North Goa on a tuesday night? If you are a Trance lover, you go to Shiva valley. If you are not a Trance lover, you go to Baga. I will not describe Baga here, because just about any bar, club there is commercial, girls walking in are with that perfect make up, perfect pink cheeks and have strongest legs to carry off those heels over sand. Not to forget, the oh-so-macho men are straight out of gyms. Me and Ana joke, there is a Delhi socialite mafia running in Baga. I am going to write about Shiva Valley.

Shiva Valley is located on one secluded corner of Anjuna, next to more popular Curlies. It can get a bit difficult to find your way around, but you can look a few signage or just ask people around. After parking our bikes (minus the skid on sand), with much excitement we looked around to find our way to the beach. After about 5 minutes walk through dingy lanes, sand and rock we reached Curlies and discovered a whole new world dancing like a religion under the starlit sky not very far away. Thousands of people were throbbing the beach. Me and Ana looked at each other and we went like Heeeeee ( thats the expression you give when you smile with all your teeth showing). It was complete madness. We bumped into two more friends at Curlies and here we were six of us going to get crazy that night. There were those who had already given instructions on what is to be done with them, if they end up passing out on the beach that night.

Walking just a bit more, you can see a whole civilization of people dancing without inhibitions to the music. Some near the speakers, some on the beach , some on staircases, some right next to water, and some on straw mats. There were also some who were just busy smoking or staring each other in a small clique which they made while sitting or lying down on the sand. Not to forget some were also sleeping (or rather passed out) around the beach. The atmosphere was very calm and soothing. I know it sounds contradictory to what i have said earlier. Literally yes, there is lot of sound, and movement of people, but what I mean to say is that there is some sense of calmness around. Its noisy but silent, its dark but starlit, its high on adrenalin but aches for happiness (whatever that means). Just about everyone is busy by themselves. There are people of different races, languages, neo hippies, junkies, charsis, all under same sky, forming a civilization which only believes in good music and letting themselves loose in the neon lights, by the sound of ocean water. Not to miss, there are those wannabe hippies too, but its ok. Yes there is lot of “stuff” business going around, but i will not talk about it here. In short, its in plenty here.

I can not miss talking about small vendors who are selling eggs (boiled/ omelette) , chocolates, cigarettes, snacks, tea, and rolling paper. An omelette, will cost you bout Rs. 50 :), yes i know, but its worth it. After many Rs. 50 beers down, you don't mind a wonderful omelette with bun & cheese. They stay there till the morning or rather till the party goes on. Many prefer to rest/sleep on the beach itself, because next day ie. on Wednesday, its Bazaar day at Anjuna. So they can comfortably transfer their stall to main Anjuna.

Its an alternate culture and we feel we can go on all night. Dancing i mean. :)
Experience it !

I have just a few pictures from that night, which are below (I was too busy dancing after all).

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