- Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Mawsmai Cave: Cherrapunji, Meghalaya, India (Photostory)

Cherrapunji, or Sohra as it is locally known, is famous not only for once being the rainiest place on earth, but also for being home to several natural formations of caves and tunnels, many of them hidden underneath. Mawsmai cave is one of the caves which has been looked after by the tourism department and can provide good fun to beginners interested in cave explorations, or even regular travellers who are interested in a little adventure. The cave is about 800 ft long, well lit and over all easy to navigate. However certain narrow portions might require one to sit down & slide through. 

Within a few steps of entering the cave, natural light is lost and one has to rely on hallogen lights put up, to navigate. Within next few steps the roof and walls start getting closer and closer, leaving space for only one person to walk, sit, slip through at a time. The mighty natural limestone formations- stalactites and stalagmites (remember from geography books in school?!) can be seen for real. One has to be careful and ensure to look around at all times, else one limestone spear from any side could hurt hard. A part of the cave is made up of glistening stones shining in the light reflecting on it. Very near to this part is also a natural opening in the roof, letting some natural light in, which not only provides an enchanting visual, but also relief to those feeling eerily awe-struck. While most part of the cave length remains narrow, there are quite a few wide portions, where one can stop at ease to look around without diturbing fellow travellers.

For those interested in real adventure- there is another cave next to this one without lights !

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