- Monday, 18 August 2014

Without Worries in Coonoor, India

Negotiating several hairpin bends on way up the mountains after gorging on some authentic South Indian meal platter with unlimited servings can be a daunting task. I was feeling dazed or perhaps just sleepy. I was not sure. 

The roads were extremely good which quickly reminded me of what I had left behind just a few hours back- the potholed roads of rain-soaked Mumbai. But here I was, driving up the mountains of Nilgiris wearing green blanket of tea plantations interspersed with silver oaks. The rains had washed off all the dirt and floating clouds around us gave a surreal feeling. The air got cooler and crisp, it felt good to breathe deep. The well manicured tea plantations on the slopes of the mountains with criss-crossing paths in between them were simply idyllic. 

Non Such, Coonoor

I was headed to Sans Souci- my homestay meaning without worries. There are often destinations I come around where best thing to do is- stay at home. Yes, travel all the way up, only to stay at home. Those independent gorgeous homes isolated from nerves of the city centre and offering uninterrupted views of the nature. Sans Souci was one such place- a rustic well maintained colonial bungalow amidst tea-estates in Coonoor.

Sans Souci

Owned by a filmmaker couple from Mumbai, the house is taken care of by Rani- a polite demure lady with exceptional cooking skills. Yes, Rani is also the cook of the house and can cook up some really good local delicacies on request. She offered us varied breakfast and dinner menu every day and even shared her chicken recipe with me. 

I was so much in love with this isolated bungalow that everyday after spending a little more than 4 hours exploring Coonoor and near by places, I would ache to be back home- to do nothing, but just to stretch out my legs in the verandah and look into the valley or read my book. 

The Veranda at Sans Souci

Both Ooty and Coonoor do not have much to offer to those interested in offbeat, experiential travels (Toy-Train ride in Nilgiris will hold an exception though). Both towns, specially Ooty are laced with gardens, parks, view points which are hugely popular with tourists. But yes, tourists, not travellers. Sans Souci provided me much respite and was without doubt the best part of my visit to Coonoor. 

I would not describe this vintage-quirky house in detail, instead let the pictures speak for themselves. 

View from the Verandah

Rani's Pet Cat

The Central Room

Vintage Posters Adorning the Bathroom Walls

Part of the Library 

Right End Room

Note: Please write me in for contact details or any additional info, if needed. You may also read my review of this property here.


  1. Non Such, Coonoor has it's own picturesque beauty and stunning view that attracts tourists around the world.