- Sunday, 3 May 2015

6 Interesting Things To Do In Mahabaleshwar

Steamed Corns at a Street Stall, Mahabaleshwar (Photo Credit: Nishanth Jois)

Mahabaleshwar never fit the description of my 'offbeat getaway'. It's completely exposed and thronged by all kinds of vacationers, from excited bunch of young bikers to loud groups of big Indian families. But, having been living just a few hundred kilometres away for past 3 years, I had to visit it.

I chose first week of January, right after the New Year buzz and I pretty much managed to beat the crowd and find some interesting things to do in Mahabaleshwar. (No, they do not include a visit to Mapro Gardens or view points) 

Here they are for you:

1. Lunch at Brightland Resort & Spa

Pizza at Over The Edge Bar
They have several restaurants within the small resort, but ask them to be served your lunch at Over The Edge Bar. You could choose to eat food from any other restaurant, we picked Italian from- The Olive Garden. The alfresco dining looks straight out into the valley of Sahyadris and backwaters of Dhom Dam. It's a lovely place to spend your afternoon with some drinks and food.

2. Rekindle your childhood memories

Game Stalls Near Venna Lake in Evening
I admit, I was apprehensive of entering this village-fair like atmosphere near the Venna lake in Mahabaleshwar. But then I was like, what the heck and picked up an air gun to shoot balloons. Yeah, I know :) I didn't stop at that, I played hoopla and also that throwing-ball-on-a-pyramid-of-steel-glasses game. I even won Kiss Me Bar and a tiny box of tic-tac. Not bad, eh?

3. Dinner at The Grapevine

The Grapevine Restaurant

It's a Parsi restaurant which also serves little bit of Thai and Chinese. It's a cozy little place, done up with white walls and heavy rot iron garden chairs and table, making it look a little bit Mediterranean inside. They have great selection of breakfast items and served us some really tasty dhansak and salli murgi for dinner along with a sweet strawberry wine. A must try. 

( Like most Parsi joints, it was closed late in the afternoon and with shutters down, we happened to pass it off as someone's garage that time! )

4. Morning boat ride at Venna Lake. 

If you want to beat the crowd, it's best to go boating in the morning instead of evening. At least when we went, there was no one else there. So yeah, another tip !

5. Do not book meal-inclusive packages in hotels. 

Seriously. They are a big no no. You end up being stuck inside these over priced hotels of Mahabaleshwar, unless that's what you intend to do. Here are two mid-budget options in Mahabaleshwar which I liked.

a) Fredrick Hotel on Lake Road- Basic but very large colonial-era rooms and unhindered views of the mountains.

Fredrick Hotel
b) Ethereal- A cozy two bedroom studio cottage for 2-4 people. 
(More details at: https://www.airbnb.co.in/rooms/602144)
Ethereal (Photo Credit: Ethereal page at Airbnb)

6. Lastly, do not miss indulging in Fresh Strawberries and Corns of Mahabaleshwar.

Steamed Corns, Strawberry with Cream and Fresh Strawberries in Mahabaleshwar. (Corn Photo Credit: Nishanth Jois)

They are incredibly cheap and absolutely fresh. And that strawberry with cream is worth all the calories! Trust me.


  1. Magnificent Snapshots,Looking So Beautiful place to visit.

  2. "Hi Richa,
    I always search for informative blogs before I visit a destination and yours I loved the most. You have captured the essence of Mahabaleshwar in your blogs and the beautiful pictures. They are very well taken and I loved the pointers on things to do. Thanks loads for giving them! "