- Sunday, 11 September 2016

The Vibrant Kaas Plateau

I visited the Kaas Plateau – a short drive away from Pune, last year. With monsoon season fading away, it’s perfect time to revisit this magical plateau! If you haven't heard of this little gem earlier – it's Maharashtra's very own "Valley of Flowers".

Kaas plateau is located in the Western Ghats, which makes for some absolutely fantastic landscape viewing – wide, vast stretches of various flowers and rolling hills in the distance. The place really comes to life during and just after monsoon season.

There are so many different types of flowers that make their home here, and all have a slightly different blooming season – by only a week or two. So if you're fortunate enough to be able to spend a week or so in this lovely area you will be able to see several different flowers carpet a given patch on the plateau. These flowers include wild orchids, and various types of carnivorous flowers, which provides a vibrant carpet all across the plateau.

These flowers provide a delicate balance to the local ecosystem and therefore, the preservation of the flowers is extremely important. If visiting, it's important to obey the signage pertaining to staying on the paths provided and not wandering off into the vast expanses of colour for photo ops!

This region is absolutely stunning in monsoons with neon green grass and low misty clouds rolling in over the hills and plateaus. The Kaas Plateau makes for an ideal weekend getaway from Mumbai and Pune. So get out there and explore this magical place while the (short) blooming season lasts!


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