About Me

It has taken me almost 4 years to put up this section on "About me". I started writing this blog about 4 years back, while I still had a full time corporate job and never imagined that someday my blog will get readers from far off lands like Romania and Kuwait. I was happy putting up my writings almost anonymously and sharing with a bunch of close friends. Now after crossing over 15,000 views and readership so wide, I thought it's time I talk a bit about myself.
I quit my first and only corporate job of six years in the fashion Industry in 2012. Reasons were many, and one very important one was that I wanted to get slower in life. I worked on several ideas to keep me going without a job but then eventually my love for all-things-travel took over. I redesigned my blog. I also started with an initiative to recommend and promote alternative travels- encouraging  travellers to skip travel agents and guidebooks and instead opt for local homestays, use public transports, try local food, and various other ways to support local community & environment.
I have been traveling across India and around for past several years and have an eye for quirky and offbeat experiences at the destinations I travel. I have backpacked solo in New Zealand's countryside, volunteered in community kitchen in a tribal village in Jharkhand, slept by a freezing lake in Ladakh, fought with pillows  at Cologne's Cathedral, travelled in overstuffed Jeeps on rickety roads in Arunachal. 
All these varied experiences over the years have not only left me more humbled but have given me a new perspective to look at things around me. With every travel, I come back asking for more. Every 2-3 months I ensure to travel to a new place and see the world around us. 

I am now also a professional travel writer with several published articles in newspapers, magazines and online journals. I also write short guides for few travel companies. 
Over the years I have also realised the importance of traveling responsibly and hence always encourage fellow independent travellers to respect and take care of environment, culture, community and economy while travelling. I can be followed on my facebook page for daily dose on responsible travel tips, news and other ideas.
I hope you enjoy reading about my travels and experiences. I can not be pleased more if any of it encourages you to take that time out and travel yourself. 
Richa Gupta :)


  1. Wow Richa, I bow down to you. First of all amazing blog. I stumbled upon this blog while looking to visit Bhutan but like a true traveller unlike typical stay at hotel and not the see the place in it's form.
    I have recently quit my job as an Architect, because I tagged along with my husband to Muscat ( The place you should be visiting soon 😉). We shall be visiting India August/ September so was thinking of Bhutan.
    Apart from that, I would like to tell you, if you are planning anywhere in that period I would be happy to explore places with you.
    Please keep in touch.
    Vibha Simha

    1. Thank you Vibha for your kind words. I see Muscat is treating you well, would love to visit it. Yes, sure we can look up something when you are in India. Stay connected. Join me on my Facebook/ twitter profiles.

      All the best !

  2. Astounding to read on your travel sojourns!
    I just read your column in the New Indian express on Fort Kochi rediscovered - nice post!

  3. Interesting blog! Stumbled upon it while searching for Bhutan options! Plan to travel solo in June... Have started travelling regularly for the past year.. A little late in the day(pushing 50), but better late.. Tawang is also in my radar..

  4. Hi Richa. M trying to publish info about Bhutan fr my last month travel there. Somehow not getting published here on your blog.

    1. Deep, I control the publications of comments on my blog. You had sent 4-5 messages at once and looked spammy, therefore I blocked them all. I am sorry, but that is how it works here. You had also left your phone number for people to call you for enquiries. But I do not allow that on my page. I hope you understand ! If you do have something really new to add, which has not been said in the blog or discussed in the comments section- then please let me know. I might consider that to be published.


  5. hi richa
    good information on your site.
    m 95% disable thne also i traveled many cites. if u add "disable friendly places" in your category, that will help lot of person.

    1. Hi, why don't you share your stories with me? I will be happy to connect and take your suggestion forward.

  6. Its So Wonderful to see a creative person like you exploring an incredible India I am from Mumbai but staying in Dubai for past 5 years and every year during dusshera i have my annual vacation as last year me any wife explored Sikkim i can tell you it is as good as Switzerland this year i am confused about my travel plan should i go for Tawang or Bhutan and i am super excited for both the places its so much to explore the eastern part of India when i first went to Sikkim at Zuluk i was taken back and amazed about these places and living in home stay gave me altogether a different satisfaction and i was so much in peace from inside its hard to describe the people are so friendly and helpful and this year surely i want to travel in to these eastern states of India